"I can't explain what happened during my session, but I know that I feel much better! A huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders and I can breathe again. Thank you very much for everything you did for me!"

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Naturopathe Services

Longevity & Wellness

Consultation, Assessment & Health Programs 

A detailed health history and lifestyle analysis is taken initially.  Dietary factors are determined,  lifestyle changes and specific treatments may be recommended.

Therapeutic methods using natural remedies cleanse and restore health.  The focus is on healing the person rather than treating illness or masking symptoms. 

The six Naturopathic principles are:

1.              The healing power of nature

2.              Treat the cause rather than effect

3.              First, do no harm

4.              Treat the whole person

5.              The Naturopathe is a teacher

6.              Prevention is the best cure

Our ability to live healthy, happy, stress-free lives is dependent on many things. Personal health and wellbeing is strongly influenced by our emotions and how our world is perceived. In naturopathy, it is recognized that everything is connected to everything, as the Holon Theory states, all fields are connected.  For optimum health there are many considerations for all states of wellbeing, which affect us physically. It is with this overall perspective, naturopathy connects with The Life Mission Project. 


The Life Mission Project

The Life Mission project combines with the Dynamics of Life Skills, Conflict Resolution, Effective Communication Skills, and Resolving Stress and Trauma serving as a body of training to address health concerns and present times of change.

The Life Mission project addresses the need to find purpose in our life with emphasis on the value of the "What" we do in the world. This personal value enriches lives as an understanding of “What did I come to do, seek, embody, serve? Why am I here?” The manifestation of career, the work we do in the world, and how we interact with community creates personal value.


The Life Mission project explores the 'What", "Why" and "How" questions of life. It facilitates that movement from the Inner to the manifest; creating a personalized structure/rhythm for setting and meeting life mission goals. 


Dynamics of Life Skills

Critical Communication & Conflict Resolution

This activity of this project works with the Life Mission project, presenting, throughout the Life Mission project, training on:

  1. Dynamics of Life skills training, effective communication skills, resolving interpersonal conflict, stress and anger management, Jungian shadow work and somato emotional release work with voice dialogue techniques, 

  2. Relaxation and breathing techniques for stress and trauma reduction.

  3. The delivery of this program will be through one on one sessions, focused group conversations, and the sharing of audio visual materials via email and other online platforms. 


The Life Mission project combined with the Dynamics of Life Skills, Conflict Resolution, Effective Communication Skills, and Resolving Stress and Trauma serves as a body of training to address many of the objectives of concern




In person sessions

are unavailable 

Resolving Trauma

SHADOW WORK AND SOMATO EMOTIONAL REALEASE (SER) are dynamic therapeutic processes working with residual effects of past trauma, accidents, injuries and emotional shock. SER expands on the principles of Craniosacral Therapy (CST) and is beneficial for:

  • Persistant Chronic Conditions

  • Pain and Injury

  • Post-traumatic Stress Disorder 

  • Trauma, Anxiety and Shock

  • Grief, Loss, Childhood Trauma

  • Triggers you just can't resolve

  • What you can't put your finger on

  • Many other Conditions


Intention & Field Integration

Field Integration combines field work and intention to transform the energy fields to a more authentic state.  Self limitating patterns, energy blockages or traumas are cleared.  This can be applied in many areas of life. 


This process seeks to uncover greater possibilities of who you are, so that you can begin to live your highest potential. The field integration enables greater clarity of purpose and fulfillment of dreams and passions. 

Intention is foundational in our life missions and many areas of life. The field integration is a quick and easy method to:

  • immediately de-stress any past or present trauma or stress

  • clear away issues about how you see yourself and the world

  • improve communication, especially with your inner self

  • restore your ability to receive all that life has to offer you


Choice and correct intention for life goals is a foundation often overlooked.

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Personal Mentorship & Coaching

A variety of mentorship and coaching programs are available. These encompass health, wellness and longevity to building strong personal foundations through the life mission work and adjunctive programs. 


Leadership and confidence is developed by understanding personal value and learning new life skills. Through transformative life skills training, learning critical skills for communicating and problem solving, addressing stress, anger, and conflict, new skill sets for success in all areas of life are developed.

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Longevity & Wellness

The Root cause of 95% all disease begins in our digestive system.  Stress and the toxic world around us also affects us at many levels.  Good health begins with a healthy lifestyle and preventing the root causes behind the majority of today's disease.          


A full body holistic natural healing is more than the food you eat or the supplements you take, more than diet and exercise.  Improve health, reverse years of aging and heal from sickness and illness. It takes an entire lifestyle.


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Breath & Relaxation

Himalayan Prana Vidya Yoga 

  •  Relaxation

  • Joints & Glands

  • Asana 

  • Pranayama

  • Nidra

  • Meditation