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Traditional Naturopathy  is healing with natural methods.
Massage and re-alignment of structure & tissue,
and the use of plant & mineral based medicinal remedies are used to cleanse, restore & rejuvenate the body.

Janice Zubin, ND, RMT, CST-D

Are you experiencing pain, stress, tension? Have you had an injury or just wish you were functioning better? 


Are you seeking relaxation and rejuvenation?  Are you looking for a way to feel better than you have been?


Everyone has down days, but when day to day life becomes a challenge, it’s time to seek help.  

Somato Emotional Release
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MASSAGE THERAPY Energy Balancing
Essential Oils
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Health Assessment
Energy Field Integration 
Wellness Coaching 
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Private Lessons
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Janice suggested Craniosacral Therapy (CST) for a chronic condition involving repetitive strain injury, chronic back pain, shoulder and right arm pain and numbness.  My fingers began going numb, I would finish my day in pain, sometimes taking ibuprofen.  Stretching, massage, acupuncture and chiropractic didn't change the problem at all, other than some temporary relief.  I thought I would need to change my profession as a massage therapist and pursue another career. 

After the second CST session the numbness and pain had disappeared. During the sessions there was emotional release over my father’s death at age 5, and years of domestic stress I had experienced with my family.  After the third CST session, I was scheduled for a chiropractic adjustment and my first rib realigned.  The next day I woke up pain free for the first time in several years.  It was great! 

I now recommend CST to all my clients and other people when I hear they are struggling with chronic pain, especially if there is numbness. 

Mavis, RMT, Ross Chiropractic

Insurance Receipts Issued for:

  • Natural Health Practitioners of Canada (NHPC) 


    • Craniosacral Therapy 

    • Yoga Instruction

  • Commission des Praticiens en Médecine Douce du Québec (CPMDQ)

    • Naturopathe, Homéopathe, Massothérapeute, Kinésithérapeute 


This is the best massage I've had!

Janice used a combination of techniques with essential oils in my therapeutic massage. I had been experiencing a lot of pain and stiffness from a busy physically active lifestyle, reaching a point where the stress had accumulated. Resting and stretching, which seemed to help previously, didn't seem to work. My body was just holding too much tension. ​

Janice was very intuitive on the intensity level of deep tissue.  She managed to get very deep while at the same time making me feel more relaxed than I had been in years!  I was surprised how quick and effective the Craniosacral Therapy and acupressure release was.


Janice explained that relaxation is important to restore the function of the parasympathetic nervous system; that stress and overactivity can create adrenal fatigue.


That had been me, going 24/7.


Now I've been able to relax and focus without body tension or headaches. I'm grateful for skill level of this therapist. ​


Andrew - Montréal



Wishing to transform pain and discomfort into good health and more energy?

Whether it’s a new problem or a chronic concern, you can feel and function better.  


With years of practice and study, Janice offers diverse therapy and coaching options for your healing. 


Contact Janice for an appointment for therapy or wellness coaching. Help is a phone call away.  


Make a commitment to your well being. 

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