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Janice Zubin, ND, CST-D,

RMT, Mediator, Life Skills Coach 

Are you experiencing overwhelm and stress? Have you had setbacks or just feel like you're not functioning optimally? 


Are you seeking resolution for what you just can't put your finger on it?  

Are you looking for a way to feel and function better than you have been?


Everyone has down days, but when day to day life becomes a challenge, it’s time to seek help.  

Life skills Dynamics, Conflict Resolution, Critical skills for Effective Communication, protocols for Resolving Stress and Trauma/shadow work 
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The Life Mission Project


The Life Mission project combines with the Dynamics of Life Skills, Conflict Resolution, Effective Communication Skills, and Resolving Stress and Trauma serving as a body of training to address health concerns and present times of change.

The Life Mission project addresses the need to find purpose in our life with emphasis on the value of the "What" we do in the world. This personal value enriches lives as an understanding of “What did I come to do, seek, embody, serve? Why am I here?” The manifestation of career, the work we do in the world, and how we interact with community creates personal value.


The Life Mission project explores the 'What", "Why" and "How" questions of life. It facilitates that movement from the Inner to the manifest; creating a personalized structure/rhythm for setting and meeting life mission goals. 


Dynamics of Life Skills

Critical Communication & Conflict Resolution


This activity of this project works with the Life Mission project, presenting, throughout the Life Mission project, training on:

  1. Dynamics of Life skills training, effective communication skills, resolving interpersonal conflict, stress and anger management, Jungian shadow work and somato emotional release work with voice dialogue techniques, 

  2. Relaxation and breathing techniques for stress and trauma reduction.

  3. The delivery of this program will be through one on one sessions, focused group conversations, and the sharing of audio visual materials via email and other online platforms. 


The Life Mission project combined with the Dynamics of Life Skills, Conflict Resolution, Effective Communication Skills, and Resolving Stress and Trauma serves as a body of training to address many of the objectives of concern



Wishing to transform pain and discomfort into good health and more energy?

Whether it’s a new problem or a chronic concern, you can feel and function better.  


With years of practice and study, Janice offers diverse therapy and coaching options for your healing. 


Contact Janice for assistance. Help is a phone call away.  


Make a commitment to your well being.